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POM was established in 2015. It is a privately owned and local company. This means there are no franchise fees added to the rate, and that a personal touch is added to everything we do.

The owner, Janaina de Matos, has been involved with seniors and disabled adults in the home care field for many years. In 2019, she expanded POM and opened a new office in Berea. Her hard work, expertise and attention to detail have resulted in the rapid growth of the company. POM proudly serves the Kentucky counties of Madison and Fayette. In 2020, POM expanded to offer services in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Owner Janaina Alexander

Caregiving is a Mission

POM offers our clients professional homecare services.
POM is insured and our staff is well trained.
POM staff is carefully chosen for their personal qualities, as well as professional skills.
POM personnel-on-hand varies depending on the client workload.
POM continually trains and monitors staff that insures client satisfaction.
POM supervisors frequently visit with the client, constantly assessing levels-of-care and making recommendations, as needed.
POM provides opportunity for feedback and encourages open communication so we can constantly improve our services.
POM responds to requests from medical providers and family for added assistance so please ask if other services are required.

POM staff nurtures the human spirit, while caring for physical needs.

Our purpose is to provide tranquility and hope with gentle and compassionate care.
Our focus is to encourage a joy-in-the morning experience while “staying home” as long as possible.
Our goal is to offer cheerful optimism to clients with a dependable safety net of support.
Our belief is that peace and happiness come with the courage to embrace every moment until our last breath. Our message is that the sun always rises… and it’s always beautiful.

Serving Kentucky Counties of Madison and Fayette and Palm Beach County, Florida.

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Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind