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Caregiving is a Mission

POM offers our clients professional homecare and janitorial services.
POM is insured and our staff is well trained.
POM staff is carefully chosen for their personal qualities, as well as their professional skills.
POM personnel on hand varies depending on the client workload.
POM continually trains and monitors staff to insure client satisfaction.
POM supervisors frequently visit with the client so there is the opportunity for feedback.
POM encourages feedback from our clients so we can constantly improve our services.
POM is open to requests from medical providers and family for other assistance. Ask us

Peace of Mind staff nurtures the human spirit, while caring for physical needs.

Our purpose is to provide peace of mind with gentle and compassionate care.
Our focus is to encourage a joyful experience while “staying home” as long as possible.
Our goal is to offer clients peace of mind with a dependable safety net of support.
Our belief is that life is for the living and until the last breath, we sprinkle stardust.

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Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind