Senior Care


POM Teams provide a range of services to individuals who need help with daily living. We provide services for just a few hours a week or round-the-clock care. We support the senior directly or indirectly by supporting the family caregivers.

What we do

A.Hospital sitting

B.Medication reminders

C.Meal prep & dietary monitoring

D.Senior care safety & well-care check

E.Housekeeping - light daily housekeeping

F.Transportation – doctor and therapy appointments, activities

G.Shopping & errands – household supplies, personal items, groceries, prescriptions, etc

H.Companionship, conversation, social activities, religious services, TV, etc

I.Other needs as presented

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Who We Serve

We care for a wide variety of people, usually Veterans, Adults, Seniors and Special Needs Patients (including ADD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Lupus, Dialysis, Emphysema, Chronic Pain, Surgery Recovery, Accident Victims and more), serving the central Bluegrass region of Madison and Fayette Counties, KY.

Our Prices

Our prices are market-friendly. Since POM is a private local company, we do not have franchise and other fees. We offer a variety of services and costs will vary according to your individual requirements. We begin by making an assessment to find the perfect balance of dependable care services tailor-made for the client’s particular situation during our free in-home or office consultation. We work closely with you to determine current and future requirements. As needs change, we can adjust the plan accordingly.

Serving Kentucky Counties of Madison and Fayette and Palm Beach County, Florida.

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